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These Voyager boots are designed with a heated sole that’s controlled by an app. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Choo

FASHION DESIGNERS can’t control the weather. So, they are intent on outsmarting the cold.

They’re doing this with new, technologically-advanced, intelligent gear that transforms ordinary parkas into personal portable heaters. Shoes contain built-in, wirelessly-controlled warming devices. Here’s the gear designed for frolicking in the winter, or for strolling around on a chilly spring night.

Jimmy Choos That Warm Your Soles

The luxe shoemaker is winning big with one shoe, made for every cold-averse human on the planet. In November, it rolled out The Voyager, a highly functional, leather boot with heated soles. These Jimmy Choos give you full control — wirelessly, via a mobile phone app.

You can turn the heat up or down, from a comfy 25°C to a toasty 45°C. The USB-charged soles stay warm for up to eight hours.

Self-Heating Jackets From Ralph

At the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Team USA athletes radiated with pride in the frigid cold of PyeongChang. The warm, fuzzy feeling didn’t just come from wearing the national colours of blue, red and white. The down-filled lightweight parkas, courtesy of Ralph Lauren, work like an electric blanket. The parkas are fitted with self-heating systems powered by a slender battery pack. A special type of ink printed into the lining conducts heat, warming the wearer to the bones.

A run of the limited-edition gear was released to the public early 2018. It immediately sold out. Add your name to the waiting list on the Ralph Lauren website, and pray for delivery before your next ski trip.

Ralph Lauren created a self-heating jacket that kept Team USA warm at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018. Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Uniqlo Heattech With Alexander Wang’s Touch

Look at the packing list of any traveler headed for cold climes, and chances are you’ll find gear from Uniqlo’s Heattech at the top. The Japanese retailer has been providing mufflers and tops for 15 years with the technology, which has taken over the world of cold-weather clothing. The company revealed that 100 million Heattech items sold globally from its debut in 2003 to 2010.

The exact science is a closely-guarded secret. Bits of information reveal a special fabric which traps the body’s natural heat. Designer Alexander Wang lent his sleek aesthetics to a collaboration with the brand. His 16-piece range includes a lime-green bodysuit, to ribbed boxer briefs.

Uniqlo’s top-selling line, Heattech, is amped up with a collaboration featuring Alexander Wang. Photo courtesy of Uniqlo

Moncler’s puffers got an otherworldly makeover thanks to Valentino’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli. Photo courtesy of Moncler

Moncler’s Dramatic Dresses

The scenario: You’re going to a ball in winter. Now, you could freeze in some flimsy thing, or you could bundle up in Moncler’s Isadora, a floor-length gown, made in the brand’s signature lacquered shell. The down-filled fabric is the perfect foil against bone-chilling winds. And let’s face it — the design makes a crazy statement.

The titanium grey coat changes colour upon touch or exposure to sunlight. Photo courtesy of COS

Heat-Reactive Cotton Jacket by COS

As heady teens, we wore colour-morphing rings that supposedly predicted our unpredictable moods. As grown-ups, we rediscovered the novelty with shade-shifting lipsticks and hair dyes. Fashion brand COS dipped into the same concept with a classic coat. Upon exposure to touch and sunlight, the heat-sensitive cotton turns from titanium grey into a lighter hue.

The lightly-padded cotton jacket isn’t for unrelenting winters. Whatever the season, they make for a great conversation starter.


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