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WHEN COACH CREATIVE DIRECTOR, Stuart Vevers came on board in 2014, he declared he was going to create an “inclusive” version of luxury — not just “exclusive” — and one that was priced “within the reach of many more people”. That’s how he single-handedly turned around the then-dying brand.

Vevers has since been unwavering in his vision for the 77-year-old American brand, laying out a consistently youthful vibe in his seasonal collections and special collaborations. He’s worked numerous times with American contemporary — and most times controversial — artist Gary Baseman and three seasons ago, he appointed Instagram’s most followed celebrity Selena Gomez (139 million followers and counting) as the face of the brand. Needless to say, this move turned Coach into one of America’s top-ranking American brands.

Stuart Vevers has tapped on young tastemakers and millennial trends to revitalise Coach as a luxury leader

The French have chic. Americans have cool. It’s in their psyche. I’m, playing with things that we already know and have a nostalgia for.


(From Top, Clockwise)
Selena Gomez in Coach Fall/Winter 2018 Campaign,
Graffiti collection clutch, S$595,
Graffiti collection tote bag, S$375

Gomez continues her run next fall/winter season, but Vevers is adding more faces into the mix. The new season sees a more diverse cast of faces like Japanese actress and model Kiko Mizuhara, who, alongside Gomez, will be the brand’s other fall/winter campaign girl. You’ll catch her holding the new limited edition bag, of course.
Says Mizuhara, “I love the cool, optimistic spirit of the brand…  Coach is a brand with a nearly 80-year history and yet it feels so modern.”  

Vevers once said, “The French have chic. Americans have cool. It’s in their psyche. I’m playing with things that we already know and have a nostalgia for, but I’m putting them together in a way that feels fresh.” And that’s what he’s doing with artists like Baseman and now with the brand’s latest graffiti collection inspired by the burgeoning New York City graffiti art scene. Earlier this year, the brand teamed up with some of New York’s most legendary graffiti artists to create a series of murals across all five boroughs of the Big Apple, reinterpreting the classic Coach logo in the process.

Vevers is now using that collective, subversive art and translating it onto the brand’s grafitti capsule collection and drawing inspiration from the label’s most recognisable print, the signature ‘C’ logo in neon colours. Did somebody say, youthquake?

Coach Graffiti collection hoodie jacket, S$295


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