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FANS OF CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLIST ROSSANO FERRETTI now no longer have to hop on a private jet for their crowning glory to get the first class treatment – Ferretti’s eponymous hair spa recently opened at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. Oh yeah, don’t call it a hair salon.

Reportedly commanding up to US$1,500 per cut when he was still attending to clients commercially, it’s no surprise that Ferretti has been dubbed “the most expensive hairstylist in the world”. Not that the jet-setting glitterati that make up his client list seem to mind; the Italian maestro’s team of talents have worked their magic on Tinseltown beauties such as Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie, fashion designer Giorgio Armani and even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. These days though, Ferretti only cuts for charity or demonstrative purposes.

Famous for revolutionising the beauty industry over 20 years ago when he created the groundbreaking new technique ‘The Method’ or ‘Il Metodo’ with his sister Lorenza Ferretti, Rossano was in London when he found himself increasingly dissatisfied with the way most salons were handling their customers’ cuts.

Cutting a debonair figure in his self-designed doubled-breasted suit, he explained, “When I was 15, geometric and harsh cuts were very trendy, but they didn’t complement women’s beauty. I travelled all around the world seeking inspiration, for women and from women.”

“Only then, I realised it wasn’t a localised problem,” he adds. “Women everywhere were not satisfied with their hair because it changed their look instead of enhancing it. I always believed that we cannot modify the hair, we can only enhance it. My goal was to create a haircut without geometry, and without seeing the cut of the scissors. I just wanted to see the natural fall of the hair, so I invented the invisible haircut. This is how ‘The Method’ was created.”

Today, the signature technique is practised at all Rossano Ferretti Hairspas around the world, Singapore being the latest on the list of over 20 cities including Paris, New York and the Maldives. Each stylist is specially trained in The Method for at least six months in Parma, Italy, home to the first Rossano Ferretti Home Salon.

My goal was to create a haircut without geometry, and without seeing the cut of the scissors. I just wanted to see the natural fall of the hair, so I invented the invisible haircut.

Rossano Ferretti

The atelier at The Fullerton Hotel, a heritage building, is an elegant and intimate space accented by blackened oak and vintage 1920s crystal lamps. Discreetly tucked away at the side of the hotel with its own private entrance (a first for The Fullerton Hotel), the Hairspa is dedicated to delivering an exclusive and luxurious experience.

The Method ensures that every cut is tailored to every client – a careful study of the hair type, facial structure and personality results in a sophisticated cut so that hair cuticles, cortex and pigments suffer no damage.

Hairstylists are guided by that same philosophy when it comes to colouring as well, offering a bespoke experience by eschewing the more common silver foil technique. Instead, colourists at Ferretti’s use the Balayage technique, a French word meaning ‘to paint’. Hair is first sectioned then painted freehand for natural-looking highlights that enhance the natural beauty of the hair.

Ferretti is a firm believer not only in creating beautiful hair, but also keeping a beautiful planet. His in-house made-in-Italy haircare collection which is the result of collaborating with scientists is therefore free of harmful synthetic chemicals and made with all-natural ingredients.

After all, in true luxury, there is no compromise.


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