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THE ’80s BRAND OF FASHION — which is enjoying an unceasing revival — is loud, proud and hyper-positive about fun. 

They’re eye-catching and not your cookie-cutter type of earrings, but these architecturally-inspired versions have been in the spotlight for a couple of seasons, and for good reason. They’re wonderful ice-breakers — “Is that the Eiffel Tower on your ears darlin?” — and elevate the dreariest of outfits instantly.

These one-of-a-kind designs — as produced by the likes of Louis Vuitton, Céline and Gucci — are every fashion victim’s essential accessories. They are the sideshows to the fashion shows. Dress up those earlobes as we clue you in with some of the best looks from the new season.

Tribal Chic

A crisp shirt, flared jeans and a nonchalant, throwaway attitude make these architectural stunners look super fly. The aim is to look like you have the immunity idol dripping from your ears

Logo Loco

If logos are making waves on your shoes, your bags, your tees and your jeans, why not your ears? It’s a modern alternative to your everyday hoops or studs. These amulets of style should carry you into the new year.

(From Top, Clockwise) Fringe pendant earrings, S$1,010, by Katerina Makriyianni from, Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2018, Breton gold-plated sodalite earrings, USD$626.26, by Paola Vilas from

(From Top, Clockwise) Essential V hoop earrings, by Louis Vuitton, Fendi Fall/Winter 2018, Glittered enamelled gold-tone and crystal earrings, USD$734.73, by Gucci from

Modern Art

Swop those worn-to-death chandelier types for these art deco and geometric earrings that just screams “It girl”. Also gives the impression that you are an intellectual creature who visits museums and poetry readings for fun.

(From Top, Clockwise) Moon geometric earrings, S$434, by Lizzie Fortunato Jewels from,  Baroque square earrings with cultured pearls, lapis lazuli and strass elements S$2,700, by Céline, Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2018

Unlikely Pair

You don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical. If you’re not un-matching your earrings this seasons, you’re not doing it right. The more off-kilter, the better.

(From Top, Clockwise) Bionic Wings and Leaves earrings in brass, by Louis Vuitton, Céline Pre-Fall 2018, Palladium-plated hoop earrings, by Burberry.


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