Keyyes Loyalty

Loyalty Overview

What are Keyyes points?
Keyyes points enable you to move between tiers. Simply buy, book or engage to earn points and you’ll soon be experiencing the benefits of a higher tier*.

*The ability to make bookings is made available at Keyyes 180 level and above.

Where can I see how many points I’ve earned?
We are currently developing an easy way for you to see your loyalty points. Rest assured we are keeping track.

How do I get upgraded?
Once you earn the required number of points you will qualify to be upgraded. The points required annually to reach or attain each tier are:

Keyyes SHOP° 1 - 24,999 points
Keyyes 180° 25,000 - 74,999 points
Keyyes 360° 75,000 - 999,999 points
Keyyes 360°+ < 1,000,000 points (by invitation)

Upon being promoted to a higher tier your yearly membership will be reset; to allow you to experience the higher benefits for one more year.

How do I maintain my membership tier?
Over the course of 1 year simply earn enough points and you will benefit by having access to the tier for another year.

Additionally if you are linked to a supplementary (or primary) member they will also experience the benefits of the higher tier.

How are points calculated?
For every Keyyes purchase, booking or engagement you will receive points:

• 5 points - for every USD 1 spent

• 200 points - for each partner service or event booked

• 100 points - for inviting a supplementary member; who then successfully registers

Returns, cancellations and reversals
For every return and crediting of a purchase, cancellation of a booking or reversal of an engagement, the corresponding points earned will be deducted.

• -400 points - for situations when a member does-not-show for a booking that hasn’t been appropriately cancelled in accordance with our T&C’s

Membership cancellation
If you cancel your membership, your points balance returns to zero - but we’d prefer that you stay.

How are Supplementary member’s points calculated?
Each members points are calculated separately, but there’s good news. If your supplementary member earns enough points for an upgrade, you will be promoted too.

You can also earn 100 points by simply inviting a Supplementary member.

What do I get in the higher tiers?
As you move up the prices go down, partner bookings and stories unlock, more premium services appear, and you will receive priority access to exclusive products and events.

Can I use my Keyyes points for purchases?
No. Currently your Keyyes points simply enable you to move between tiers. They don’t hold any physical or virtual monetary value.