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IT’S HARD TO BE COOL. Being cool requires that you surprise. Cool has a comical disdain for trends. Cool doesn’t care about what’s popular. And Belgian creative label Mosaert is très cool like that.

Mosaert is the kind of design collective that makes you wish you were a part of a design collective. The European trio dream up incredible video, textile and music projects. They have a cheeky, eponymous fashion line of patterned basics.

The eponymous label started in 2009, flourishes with sporty androgyny and conspicuous comfort. The colours are lush, bold and buoyant. Their polos, pants and socks bear beautiful motifs of arabesques, butterflies and plants.

Are you ready to talk about names? Mosaert is the brainchild of Stromae (aka best-selling electronic artist Paul Van Haver). His collaborator-turned-wife Coralie Barbier, and artistic director Luc Junior Tam complete the collective.

There’s more. ‘Mosaert’ is an anagram of ‘maestro’, while Stromae is its syllabic scramble. It’s not exactly a “customer-centric” naming strategy, but it’s a street slang the hip French youth are quite proud of.

Stromae, 35, doesn’t leverage his platinum status or millions of fans. The trio releases only one “ethically-produced”, numbered capsule collection every year. This is way off the usual four to five collections for most fashion houses. They produce to meet demands, while their homeware designs keep true to Stromae’s African eclectic roots.

Their models flounce with robotic moves on runways. They produce the runway music in-house, of course (see video below). Male models have top-knots, and female models have geisha-esque make-up. Stromae himself appears in gender-bending looks for music videos and commercial appearances. His wife has said, “We mix our wardrobe. he likes womenswear details, and is really comfortable with feminine parts.”

Mosaert sells ready-to-wear through its website, with limited merchandise in select stores. Check out the recent show at the Le Bon Marché in Paris, soundtracked by Stromae’s single, ‘Défiler’.


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