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FOR SEVEN YEARS, Mr Porter had been curating sharp, covetable wardrobes from the top menswear brands, establishing itself as a formidable player in the men’s fashion market. This year, the award-winning e-commerce company jumped into the fray with the launch of its own label Mr P., designed in-house. The 51-piece line made its debut last November to positive reviews, impressing with its incisive take on “future classics” for men.

How does an e-tailer parlay its curatorial know-how into a credible fashion label? Well, for one, its wealth of customer insight is nothing to sneeze at. Over 600,000 shoppers have loaded their shopping carts with elegant wardrobe staples and trendy accessories, giving the company invaluable, up-to-date data on men’s spending habits.

The site’s editorial slant is also a boon – Mr Porter knows what topics men are interested in, and how long each one holds their interest. Even social media is carefully mined for greater insight into what stylish men are wearing at the moment. #trending

It doesn’t hurt that the company has in its employ some of the brightest creative minds in fashion. The in-house design team worked closely with buyers and stylists to finesse a well-rounded collection that delivers on both form and function. “We’ve all weighed in on it, if the collar lays just right, or if the fabric is the right softness and weight,” Managing Director Toby Bateman told GQ.

“We are – first and foremost – product people. This passion for quality, uniqueness, style and versatility has been the backbone to developing our business for the past seven years. The launch of Mr P. has therefore been quite organic for us; we felt there was a space in our mix of 400-plus brands for something that could present a unique take on wardrobe classics and also present regular capsules of more trend- and seasonal-driven pieces throughout the year. We like to think we have an unparalleled view of the male wardrobe, garnering the combined knowledge of our buyers and editors, and Mr P. is ultimately the result of that: smart details, easy pieces and enduring style.”

We like to think we have an unparalleled view of the male wardrobe, garnering the combined knowledge of our buyers and editors.

Toby Bateman

The inaugural collection is inspired by 20th-century British painter and portraitist Lucian Freud (grandson of Sigmund Freud), during his prime in 1950s London. 15-gauge cashmere knitwear, water-resistant travel blazers and Japanese selvedge denim are all highlights of the beautifully rendered capsule. Produced predominantly in Italy (the rest in Portugal and Japan), Mr P.’s fastidious emphasis on quality is almost palpable through the computer screen.

In addition to the just-launched core collection, customers can expect five more trend-driven, limited edition capsule collections every year, each with a past or present style icon as its muse.


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