READING: Revivo is a Sanctuary for Sweat, Meditation and Clean Eating
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Wake up to the sounds of soothing forest breezes at this minimal resort.

THERE IS A CHANCE you’ll wake up at the Revivo Wellness Resort to the gentle sweeping of dry, dead leaves. It’s the sound of gardeners tending to the compound, and it’s one of the best ways to drift out of slumber.

Mornings here are monastic. It’s like waking up in an ashram — no notifications, no traffic, no sea of zombie masses shuffling to the subway. The property is all white spaces, manicured yards, blue sky, private pools, and unspoiled greenery.

Less than an hour’s drive from Denpasar, in Nusa Dua in South Bali, Revivo is a mind-boggling version of a luxury escape. You won’t find decadent champagne brunches loaded with processed carbs, sweets and shellfish. There’s no DJ playing in the lobby, and no open bar by the beach. The only music is a light, forest breeze.

If your body has been a wonderland for grease, alcohol and saturated fats, it might be time to disconnect. Revivo is pin-drop peaceful. Revivo is anti-excess. You’re not “letting go” here.

Close your eyes and you’ll smell the influence of crystal-gazing Los Angeles alt-lifestyle gurus. Gwyneth Paltrow, Heather Lilleston and other Hollywood Instagram mavens would chew Revivo up like a raw carrot.

There are 16 beautifully appointed Balinese-style suites, including two 4-bedroom villas with private pools. On the property, there are 8,000 sqm devoted to fitness.

Hit the TRX-barn for custom bodyweight workouts, or slip into the spacious studios for Ashtanga yoga and pilates. If sun tanning feels too sedentary, you can churn laps in the 25m pool. If you hear grunts in the middle of the day, it’s the cries of escaping endorphins from the martial arts and HIIT training classes.

There is 8,000 sqm of space devoted to yoga, pilates, TRX and HIIT classes. 

Revivo Wellness Resort is all white spaces, manicured yards, blue sky, private pools, and unspoiled greenery.

I have to be honest about the food and drinks situation. There isn’t a single greasy burger, French fry, or beer keg for miles. They are happily replaced with kombuchas, wheatgrass shots, and drinks described as “turmeric, jackfruit and young, grated coconut juice”.

Designed by the resident nutritionist Aliwalu, the largely vegan menu is gluten and dairy-free, served with organic, wholesome and fresh ingredients. In other words, served as close to raw as possible.

Healthy dishes are created based on fresh, wholesome, and organic fare made from seasonal ingredients from the region.

How about a breakfast of azuki beans, red rice, blanched kale with broccoli and roasted roots? Or a banana porridge with cooked oats and cinnamon served with coconut nectar, cacao nibs and nuts? They are incredibly tasty once you’ve mentally removed all imagery of pizza.

It’s a mental reboot. Conceived by two Hong Kong entrepreneurs Laurie Mias — a wellness expert — and Gordon Oldham, Revivo resides on the old Amanusa property. Oldham, one of the Amanusa villa owners and founder of Pavilion Hotels & Resorts, engaged Mias to develop a new vision of wellness and hospitality for time-starved executives.

Cleanse your diet and partake in a largely vegan, gluten and dairy-free menu customised by resident nutritionist Aliwalu.

If you find tanning too sedentary, turn laps at the 25m pool

And the concept’s working. With healthy “distractions” like fitness amenities, creatively wholesome dishes and the sun-kissed lounges by the pool, it won’t be long before you feel fitter, better, stronger, and in desperate need of a cheat day.

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts, Jl. Desa Sawangan, Kelurahan Benoa, Kec. Kuta Selatan, Badung, Bali. Daily rates (including room, breakfast and transfers) at Revivo Wellness Resort start at US$407 or US$698 per night per person as a full retreat package.


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