See The Light Show Behind the Rolls-Royce Adamas Collection

Every driver needs a diamond-encrusted clock


See The Light Show Behind the Rolls-Royce Adamas Collection
Automotive May 7th, 2018

Adamas. What an ambitious word. It looks modest as a word, but we hear it stands for a mighty combination of ‘untameable’, ‘invincible’ and ‘diamonds’. It signifies something attainable only by a select few, so you know it is meant for something rarified. 

We’ll take it, because it explains why the latest Rolls-Royce offering is beyond adjectives. The automaker recently announced the launch of its Adamas Collection, a small-batch run of Wraith coupes and Dawn convertibles that have been based on last year’s Black Badge reveal. It’s meant for anyone who “seeks more than the definition of engineered luxury” and for the risk-taker who’s “not afraid to embrace a bold and progressive statement.” It heralds a new beginning that pleases the new rich as much as the old guard.

The Rolls-Royce Wraith Coupe and Dawn Convertible.

Also a part of a quest to honour the “darker side of contemporary craftsmanship”, you’ll find this iteration quite different. While it isn’t miles away from its predecessor, it is quite an impressive “second album”. One that’s much darker and with a lot more attitude, among its other tweaks. The cars are a vision, and we can’t stress that enough.

But here’s what really stands out. The Spirit of Ecstasy that sits proudly on top each bonnet comes from exactly 294 layers of aerospace-grade carbon fibre, engineered with a precise weave angle of 25 degrees. That’s a gruelling 68 hours of work, and a first of its kind if you recount the history of Rolls. The ornament then goes right onto a special titanium base, vapour-blasted to a dark finish. The exterior extends to a two-tone paint job; shades of red and blue you’d find inside the standard Black Badge models.

1,340 individual fibre optic lights that line the roof.

The inside showcase artisanal excellence, even if it’s borderline ostentatious. But when you’ve got a clock encrusted in diamonds, should you be complaining? Some 88 black diamonds have been lab-grown to form the Black Badge infinity symbol on a black carbon-fibre plate. Moreover, you will find door panniers wrapped in rich, woven black leather, and the roof lining studded with 1,340 individual fibre optic lights in the molecular structure of a diamond. It’s like you’re night-cruising under a desert sky. 

If that’s not enough, you can have all the customisation that money can buy. Then again, we’d rather leave it up to the folks at Rolls-Royce. These cars are mesmerising.

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