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The first cup of coffee in the morning should be the most perfect of the day. According to Julien Royer, chef-owner of Restaurant Odette in Singapore, the ideal cuppa joe is richly flavoured, well balanced and nuanced.

“Coffee time for me is very important,” says Royer. The Frenchman, who keeps long hours in the kitchen, is a romantic whose morning rituals are sacrosanct. Taking time out to spend 30 minutes with his wife is a non-negotiable in his schedule. Together, they catch up over freshly-brewed coffee together before the day begins.

“It’s one of the only moments… that we get to spend time together each day,” says Royer. It could be said that coffee, then, is key in Royer’s life.

At Odette, the restaurant uses a blend called Throwback from local coffee roaster Papa Palheta. Bold, very nutty, and boasting a beautiful chocolate flavour, this coffee is served to diners at the end of the meal with their petit fours.

Papa Palheta’s curated sourcing and interesting blends are why Julien Royer chose to use the local coffee roaster’s beans in Odette. Photo by Wong Weiliang

“What I really like is that (Papa Palheta) takes a lot of pride in their sourcing process, and they are doing some very interesting blends,” says Royer, who is well-known to be a champion for artisanal produce.

Royer has recently partnered Keyyes as the first brand ambassador for the Gourmetsection, where you’ll find a curation of chefs’ favourites and hard-to-find selections from small-batch producers. You can find his favourite Papa Palheta blend – yes, the one used at Odette – on the Keyyes Marketplace.

Download the Keyyes Membership App and start shopping Julien’s preferred gourmet brands. Look out for more products launching in the Keyyes Marketplace soon. 


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