Shop Like Julien Royer on the Keyyes Marketplace

You can now find the top chef's favourite produce on Keyyes


Shop Like Julien Royer on the Keyyes Marketplace
Gourmet October 2nd, 2018

If you have ever lusted over the amazing produce that’s spun into exquisite dishes at Odette, you can find them now on the newly-launched Keyyes Marketplace.

Julien Royer has partnered Keyyes as the first brand ambassador for the Gourmet section, where you’ll find a curation of chefs’ favourites and hard-to-find selections from small-batch producers.

“As a chef, I’ve been asked many times by diners where I get my produce from,” says Royer. The French chef has made a name for himself as a champion of boutique farmers. “It’s very difficult for our customers to get access to these ingredients, as (we source from) very small-batch producers,” he adds.

Take the olive oil from Eva Aguilera that he uses at Odette. The liquid gold is harvested during the full moon in November, a tradition rooted in the belief that doing so turns out a clearer oil that is also sweeter in flavour. Only 650 litres are made each year, and you can now buy a bottle on the Keyyes Marketplace.

You’ll also find essentials that Royer stocks in his own home kitchen. Pasta Gentile, a dried pasta that is a “must-have at home”;   and pepper from Kampot Jewel, which he favours for being “not aggressive (in flavour) at all.”

Royer uses the red and green varieties to make a crust for his signature pigeon dish at Odette, though he’ll recommend using it in something simpler like a beautiful pepper sauce for steak au poivre at home.

“We have a role to play as chefs. We need to promote these artisanal producers as much as we can, because without them, we will not be able to deliver high-quality cuisine,” says Royer.

He adds: “The Keyyes Marketplace is a place where our guests can find anything that we recommend to them. It’s really a very unique platform where you can find some of our finest produce.”

Download the Keyyes Membership App and start shopping Julien’s preferred gourmet brands. Look out for more products launching in the Keyyes Marketplace soon. 

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