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MENSWEAR JUST BECAME VERY INTERESTING, like cartoonishly interesting. We’re digging deep into the retro psyche — without calling it retro of course — and mixing the aesthetics with outdoorsy fantasies, overgrown profiles and clashing prints. Here are five key seasonal looks you’ll do swimmingly well in.

1. Do You Want A Bucket Hat With That?

Young guns are obsessed with everything from the Nineties. From logo prints at Fendi to bucket hats at Prada, the rehashed Nineties wave is surprisingly enduring and continues to surprise the menswear category. Graphic prints and other street-influenced statement pieces like reflective-striped fireman shirts and jackets (yes, it’s a thing), cartoon-print sweatshirts, and cowboy shirts — particularly that tasseled version from Dries van Noten — continue to dominate the conversation.

Style tip: Pair your signature Nineties pieces with tailored separates for a more grown-up appeal. 

From left: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi and Dries van Noten showing love to the ’90s.

Strong shoulders game from (left) Maison Margiela, Calvin Klein, Dries van Noten and Ermenegildo Zegna.

2. Wolf Of Wall Street Realness
Suit up in oversized shoulder jackets like American Gigolo-era Richard Gere. His immaculate wardrobe was courtesy of Giorgio Armani who, after the film, attained global recognition with his signature sharp aesthetics and oversized tailoring. Another famous look in the 80s seen on high-powered bankers of Wall Street was the pinstripe suit making appearances at Alexander McQueen, Versace and Maison Margiela this season.

Style tip: Wear it less corporate, and more cool ala Calvin Klein.

How to be low-key, as shown by (from left) Hermès, Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani and Gucci.

3. The Low-Key Gentleman

Dapper and discerning, the wealthy men of today understands the beauty and expertise of craft behind luxury labels and therefore would have no qualms shelling out thousands on an expertly cut leather coat from Berluti or a croc jacket from Giorgio Armani. Menswear is flashy too them. Instead, they prefer to keep it low-key and orientate toward more neutral colours like this season’s shade du jour made up of beige, taupe and chocolate.

Style tip: Look to Zegna for inspiration and do a tone-on-tone with your apparel and accessories.

From left: Maison Margiela, Prada, Fendi and Louis Vuitton send us up the slopes.

4. Alpine Adventures

Designers took on a creative approach to cold weather outdoor gear. There were references to hiking at Louis Vuitton and plenty of puffer jackets at Y/Project, Lanvin and Versace. Quilted padded coats also made a case at Marni and Fendi but it was Prada who showed one of the biggest collection of padded coats with utilitarian details like drawstring ties in her signature industrial-quality “Pocone” nylon fabric, which she made famous in the 80s. Says Prada of the collection to WWD, “The idea was to use utilitarian or sporty things in a very elegant way. I have a passion for nylon — a love I could die for.”

Style tip: A pair of high-quality hiking boots is a key accessory to nail this look.

From left: Dries van Noten, Marni, Gucci and Marni are checking themselves.

5. Prints Charming

Those who appreciate a little character in their everyday ensembles can meditate on the drops of Orient-inspired embroidery decorating coats, robes, jackets and shirts. Designers tapped Chinese craftsmanship and showed a range of exquisite selections from Dries Van Noten’s heavily stitched bomber jacket to Kenzo’s shiny floral motif windbreaker. But if you’re not into an Eastern parade of looks, the perennially stylish checks make a great alternative.

Style tip: Un-match those checks as seen at Marni. 


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