READING: The GTC4Lusso T is One Super Practical Ferrari
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SO YOU’RE IN YOUR 30S, freshly inducted into midlife territory. You’re a partner, parent and not-quite-proud owner of a Japanese SUV. Oh, and you’ve got money, lots of it. Think it’s time to trade in that SUV for something better?

We’d recommend a Ferrari, one that seats four and is equipped with two-door action to keep you young. It may look like a regular station wagon, but its 602 horsepower engine begs to differ — it’s the same as in the California and Portofino.

The GTC4Lusso T is probably the classiest of the Grand Tourers. Based on the very capable Ferrari FF, it is dressed in a sexy, futuristic look. Outside, there are hints of the 488 Italia and 812 Superfast. While it’s not a custom job, there are carbon-fibre highlights and buttery-soft leather on the inside that’s not hard to like.

The car sports a clean look — save for the F1-looking steering wheel — and enough room for the chubbier (or taller) friends of yours. If you’re alone running errands or out to surf, you can fold down the rear seats and there are over 0.8 cubic metres of space to take advantage of.   

Stepping up from the GTC4Lusso, the T is 50 kilograms lighter, having ditched four cylinders and the V12’s all-wheel drive version. It’s not much, but it’s lighter at the nose, which gives the car some sort of a mid-engined feel.

Handling and reflexes are improved too, noticeably when carving corners and changing directions at high speed. It also takes all sorts of terrain and weather in its stride, from the twisty alpine pass to the slippery tarmac. No obstacle is too much for it — steering is precise and the carbon-ceramic brakes are a lifesaver. 

The GTC4Lusso T’s styling is an evolution of the retired FF, but there is resemblance of the 488 Italia in the front and the 812 Superfast at the back.

Improvements in turn-in and stability at high-speed changes have been made to the four-wheel steering system.
The steering wheel might look busy, but the objective is to have everything vital at your fingertips. Check out the different driving modes: Ice, Wet, Comfort, Sport and Electronic Stability Control.

For some buyers, the V12 is the only engine worth considering, but the GTC4Lusso T V8 is a lot more lighter and agile. You got to pick your battles.

As far as supercars go, the GTC4Lusso T is the most practical Ferrari around, and this turbocharged V8 rear-drive version happens to be 30 per cent more fuel efficient than the V12 all-wheel drive model.

Work has also gone in to make it roomier and more comfortable than any coupe or roadster the Prancing Horse has ever seen. All in all, the physique may deviate from the classic Ferrari, but it sure drives like one. Whatever you do, don’t call it a station wagon.

Yours for $1,068,000 before options and COE

ENGINE: 3,855cc, V8 Turbo
POWER: 602 horsepower at 7500rpm
TORQUE: 760Nm at 3,000 to 5,250rpm
0-100KM/H: 3.6 seconds
TOP SPEED: 320km/h
TRANSMISSION: 7-speed dual-clutch automatic