The Keyyes Membership App Launches In Bali

The Island of the Gods gets its own luxury lifestyle app


The Keyyes Membership App Launches In Bali
Members' Clubs September 3rd, 2018

With their customary spirituality and mystique, the Balinese people have perfected the art of social tourism. They know you’re landing in a paradise of sunshine, island breezes, and frozen beach mojitos. The locals beam as they deliver the token ice-breaker once you exit the airport, “Where are you from?”

The surf-loving world sees Bali as the tourist’s capital of Indonesia. Her golden coasts and slumbering hills are testaments to the enchanting island life. It’s a far cry from her densely-populated urban cousin, Jakarta. But despite embracing millions of devout tourists every year, Bali remains a paradoxical city.
Bali’s conservative fundamentalism has given way to a bright, hedonistic energy. Balinese nightlife is one of the most dynamic in Southeast Asia, with new entrants sprouting and name DJs playing every weekend in the Legian and Seminyak districtsBeach bars like Potato Head and Omnia make headlines for big parties, and their young, rich clienteleBut look closer and you see an inventive tribe who are adamant about creating a more conscious tourism culture.

Check out Som Chai if you’re craving gourmet Thai Photo by Keyyes

Top-notch luxury resorts are boosting sustainability initiatives, even though this was unheard of a decade ago. Their celebrity chefs source from regional farms and cottage industries. Hospitality brands like Bulgari, Alila, and Aman are aggressive in dampening carbon emissions while suppressing the use of plastic.

The lively Seminyak neighbourhood is home to a host of sidewalk cafes, restaurants, and barsYou can find everything from burgers to dumplings to tacos here, but fresh concepts and innovative menus spring every year. There is a preference for authentic, home-style comfort food, driven by sustainability and seasonal produce.

Kaum, located on the mezzanine of Potato Head Bach Club, serves excellent modern Indonesian fare Photo by Keyyes

Visit Ubud for the dense jungle views and picturesque paddy fields. Places like The Sayan House and Mozaic Restaurant — a couple of Keyyes Partners — are perfect for unforgettable meals and sunset views
Canggu is a modern surfer’s paradise. Home to peaceful yoga retreats, off-the-beaten-track shrines and hipster coffee shops, there is a new focus on hearty vegetarianism and mindful wellness. Here you’ll find organic markets, local art galleries and an easy kinship with young-hearted visitors from around the globe.

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