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THE ULTIMATE RETREAT, I imagine, is getting away from it all, to a place where time does not exist. The best way to live this fantasy is out at sea, where you’ve nothing but freedom, clear waters and frolicking dolphins rising alongside. They’re happy, you’re happy, and you’re experiencing the kind of luxury money can’t buy. What you can buy, however, is this 20-metre yacht, a S$4.8 million affair that is a maritime reverie.

Meet the Lexus LY 650

The company is no stranger to cool concepts (think of its Back-To-The-Future hoverboard in 2015). With the LY 650, it’s waded further into nautical territories with this yacht, a collaboration with Italian boat designer Nuvolari Lenard and Marquis-Larson Boat Group, a yacht builder from Wisconsin.

The LY 650 picks up where the 2017 Lexus Sport Yacht concept left off. And it is much more like a Lexus than a typical yacht. Spot familiar design cues like carbon fibre (reminiscent of the LFA supercar’s chassis), the flowing rise and fall of the roofline, and sweeping contours. Most yachts, according to Josh Delforge, VP of Design and Engineering at Marquis-Larson, feature hard edges and straight lines. In other words, run-of-the-mill and well, boring.

The Lexus LY 650 is a follow-up on last year’s Lexus Sport Yacht concept, but not as complex. It is made in collaboration with Nuvolari Lenard and Marquis-Larson.
The interior, designed by Nuvolari Lenard, features three staterooms, a sunbathing deck and closed saloon.
The LY 650 features eucalyptus-dyed cabinetry and accent lights. Everything, including lighting, navigation and entertainment, is controlled by a tablet.
Inside the Yacht

At 20 metres long with a 5.7-metre beam, it isn’t exactly large. But if you don’t want a cruise ship, a yacht of this size is a good compromise between space and swagger. Only available by the handful, it will accommodate all the latest trends (15 people, too) and be a standout in every port across the world.

But suppose you don’t need public approval, simply enjoy what the yacht has to offer. Lexus’ commitment to takumi (craftsmanship) and omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) permeates every aspect. That includes three very spacious staterooms, bathrooms, teak flooring on the main deck, a sunbathing area and a closed saloon for intimate meals.

The interior is mostly the work of Nuvolari Lenard. While it’s clean, modern and far from tacky, it does deserve a little splash of colour. It might also come across “cold” and old-fashioned, but, not to worry, a good deal of customisation is possible.

It seems that the Lexus is perfect for a life out at sea, but we’ll have to wait for 2019 to see. As far as it says on paper, it can cruise for as long as 10 hours — that’s sufficient for day’s worth of island hopping. It is also equipped with two V8 diesel racing engines, which pack in 900 horsepower and a speed close to 80 km/h. Far from supercar territory, we know, but it could be worse. Besides, if what you’re looking for is endless time and leisure, rushing it will only be unnecessary. Get on board already.

Pricing isn’t final, but is approximated at SGD4.8 million. See the first Lexus LY 650 come to life in mid-2019

The LY 650 boasts two V8 diesel racing engines, each capable of 900 horsepower. It can also travel as fast as 80 km/h.


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